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Rosa Khutor - SKIJ 2020

The 67th winter meeting of the SCIJ was held at January 18-25, 2020. It was the first SCIJ meeting in Russia since its creation. The hosts were the SCIJ Kazakhstan and the SCIJ Russia teams with the support of the main partner - the Rosa Khutor Olympic ski resort. It's located in Russia's magnificent mountain region of Sochi that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. This is one of the three ski-centers in the valley of Mzymta river. "Gorky Gorod" is the oldest one and "Gazprom" is mostly oriented to cross-country skiing.

I visited this place as a member of the Israel SCIJ team. Long before the trip I was already excited. I have been skiing since childhood, from a 5-6 years old boy till today, SS (super senior) starting group but in the last couple of years my love for the mountains and skiing changed its direction. I love to see new places and try new slopes, and to pass ski runs where the world-famous competitions took place.

Rosa Khutor is the best ski resort in Russia. Several ski-runs there are the only in Russia which have been homologated by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for hosting the international competitions.

In the beginning there was one lift and one slope at Gorky Gorod. In 2007, the building of the Olympic facilities has begun. After the games in 2014 the developing has continued and today there are 102 km of slopes for all levels and 29 lifts (7 gondola lifts, 11 chairlifts, 7 surface lifts + 4 "magic carpets").

The slopes there have their unique names – ТРИТОН, КАСКАД, СКАЗКА and so on. I had no problems, my broken Russian helped me read them. Maybe the point is LEARN RUSSIAN AND COME HERE. The most spoken language on the beginner's slope is Hebrew. The ski-instructors also use several words. They are very polite, working really hard and have a good teaching system.

The Rosa ski resort altitude is not great, and it is very close to the Black Sea coast. Weather and snow conditions are specific. It's not very cold, but wet and when it snows it is hard, believe me, I felt it on my neck.

Our week began with poor snow cover. The snow guns were on heavy duty, nonstop day and night. A lot of small pebbles were strewn over the high parts of the ski slopes. My skis were totally scratched. But the big snow came and the guys from the ski-service shop repaired them. So, we had 2-3 fantastic days.





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