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I would like to share with you my experience of renting a car from

'Avis Budget group':

Last January I rented a car from Budget at Munich, Germany. Two weeks after returning home from Germany, I received a mail from 'Avis Budget group' claiming that the car was damaged during the time that I have rented it.

I am convinced I didn't do any damage to the car I rented. I have 4 reasons to think that this specific damage was caused later after I returned the car or on another car with the same color that I have never rented.

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1. To this day, 'Avis Budget group' refuses to send me a copy of the original documents proving the existence of the damage - original report and the original photos done from the staff agent that inspected the car after returning it. What I received from them instead was an empty template form and photos imported to pdf file with date and time, added on the file afterwards (edited). I haven't seen a photograph displaying both the damage and the car's plate.

2. The price that 'Avis Budget group' charged for the alleged damaged part is at least twice of the local price of a new part - aluminum alloy wheel (Germany).

3. I was also charged for missing fuel when in fact I fueled the car at the airport's gas station. After sending them a copy of the gas station receipt, they refunded the money but didn't provide any explanation to what caused their mistake.

4. The mail I received from 'Avis Budget group' was written 10 days after I returned the car. I do not understand why it took so long to contact me.

MY ADVICE: Avoid renting a car from this firm especially from the Munich airport station.

If you do rent a car from them:

- Take pictures of the car when you receive it and when returning it. Take picture of every side including the plates & wheels!
- Make sure you talk to the agent who you return the car to. Make sure he checks the car before you leave and ask for his name and get a copy of the returning report.
- Keep the last receipt from the gas station


The entire correspondence:


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