My Photo Themes


         My old BC collection

   These photographs were taken many years ago on film.
   I had printing them in my lab before color processors, before digital cameras, before computers (BC).
   Here the negatives were scanned and the images developed to look as similar as possible like the original prints.



          By truck across the US

   „Когато надскочиш в себе си въпросите колко и как, когато престане да ти се струва, че твоето кога и къде имат историческо значение, 
   въпросът “защо” става изключително досаден.”



            20 Years Living in Jaffa


   Albums:       The Old Jaffa         Jaffa - the sea and the port         Jaffa Windows          The Flea Market





                         On the Way

                         Made by Nature | The Desert... | The Bridge... | The Sea in May | The Love Padlocks

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