The Trips to Antarctica

The trip to the remote unknown place is a dream of every photographer. Far away to the south, so far that the needle of the compass shows only North, there is a wonderful land. Antarctic, the lonely continent, is a challenge for the man's spirit, ventured not only to explore it, but also to save its beauty for the future.
My trip to the Livingston Island was not a spontaneous idea. It was born more than ten years ago, after the first expedition including Bulgarians to the Antarctic. Five years later the Bulgarian Antarctic Base was built. All this time I had my dream … till January 2001.

And as the wise would say, "When you wish something very strongly it comes true, sooner or later."

I spent on the island five weeks. I came back home with more than 3000 exposed frames and a feeling of a new perception of the world. One as I was looking at the sun sinking in the icy water I realized that this trip would give me something that I had missed. This was not only an experience, but another narrow path of my philosophy of life that split and took a new direction.

Everyone, who was there, wants to come back again.

And I came back, 9 years after, with Stefan Chinov – artist and sculptor. We had an idea for art project – multimedia installation, meant to exhibit the beauty of this land. Our willingness was to transfer in our everyday life the perception and the understanding of Antarctica.

In the season of 2009-2010 we joined the 18th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition on Livingston Island. We spent 3 weeks at the base and gathered a lot of impressions, photo- and video-material. We had also the opportunity to visit the bases of some other expeditions such as the Spanish on the same Island and the Chilean and Russian on King George Island. Furthermore we studied almost everything that can be seen, heard or read about the Great Antarctic – the epic stories of the great Antarctic discoveries, the projects of the big well developed and well financed bases of the USA, Russia, Great Britain and other countries.

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