The Second Trip


video • sculpture • photography

This project is meant to exhibit the beauty of Antarctic nature and the life of the Bulgarians, who are there together with other nations to explore and research. Our willingness is to transfer in our everyday life

the perception and the understanding of Antarctica,

and to share our concerns about a loss that the world may suffer, as a result of a rude industrialization, global warming or a national interest, if the pure, virgin environment is destroyed. Though distant and difficult to reach, Antarctica is a part of our world. “The end of the world” is quite popular in scientific, social and touristic aspect. The mystic appealing power of this land is well known. Many people are dedicated to working there for years, with no significant material incentive. Could this be a result of redefined values of everyone, who has spent few weeks in Antarctica? What would the world lose if it disappears, or is no more what it is now?

In the season of 2009-2010 we joined the 18th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition on Livingston Island. We spent 3 weeks at the base and gathered a lot of impressions, photo- and video-material. We had also the opportunity to visit the bases of some other expeditions such as the Spanish on the same Island and the Chilean and Russian on King George Island. Furthermore we studied almost everything that can be seen, heard or read about the Great Antarctic – the epic stories of the great Antarctic discoveries, the projects of the big well developed and well financed bases of the USA, Russia, Great Britain and other countries.

Livingston Island is scenic and interesting, but has a harsh climate – strong winds, unstable weather and relatively low summer temperatures. The Bulgarian base is located at the East coast of the South bay, at the foot of Mount Friesland.
Seen from above, the base looks like a hut, with clean surroundings and despite the lively colors, it smoothly integrates into the landscape. The main building is situated in a way allowing scenic views in three directions through the windows of the large room. The room offers multipurpose space for dining, work and leisure. The unique library of the base is also there to add to the very special social climate among the expedition members.


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